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December 30, 2015

This probably has to be the most adventurous tale of a birth story I have as of yet. Earlier that day, I had a message from Jenilee letting me know she was feeling a bit crampy but wasn't sure it was anything abnormal. I go about my normal day, of course my camera bags are packed and ready with fully charged batteries & the works. I hadn't heard any recent updates, so I go ahead that evening and make a trip to Shawnee to meet my fiance with our little ones. We run some errands & grab some dinner. My daughter decided that she was super hungry still, so I send Matt home and I get into the line at Taco Bell to get Hunter her favorite little cheese roll ups. That's when I get the message at 6:47 pm saying, "Okay I'm at the hospital and they just checked me & I'm at a 7-8, 90% effaced."


SAY WHAT. I've never been happier to not have someone in line behind me in a drive-thru. I kicked that bad boy into reverse and it was off I went! It's a 45 minute, at best, drive to Ada from Shawnee on a lucky day. Well this time I had both babies in tow and Matt's phone had died, so I had no way of contacting him to get him to stop and switch me vehicles so he could take the little ones home.


So off to Bowlegs we go - by the time I get to Seminole, Matt's phone had finally charged enough to get a phone call. He somehow ended up BEHIND me due to being pulled over for a light being out, I think...I couldn't honestly tell you why he told me he got pulled over now that I think about it, I just know I needed him to kick it into gear! So, I go ahead to the house to meet him there - I ran inside and got what I needed, went to flip the car around and got the mud...Now, anyone that knows us personally knows that our driveway is yuck, yuck, yuck when it rains. First time for me to ever be stuck in this driveway and of course it was when I had a mama in labor! I manage to get myself unstuck, shew, before Matt even arrived. He parked the trunk, jumped in the car, and we left.


We hauled our little booties down to Ada as fast as I was allowed to. We get into Ada, and come through the stop light by Pizza Hut and the car just dies...I'm already having a fit because I just knew I was going to miss this little ones birth and I just couldn't have that, and we break down. Run out of gas to be exact. I was in such a hurry to get there, that I hadn't even noticed how low our vehicle was on gas. At this point I was slightly hysterical, I knew I was going to miss this birth and fail this poor mama - it was my job to be there, and I wasn't going to make it. Matt pushed the car into the parking lot at pizza hut while I steered. I went inside - and I'm sure these workers thought I had someone dying at the hospital - I was near an emotional breakdown level. Tears in my eyes, shaky voice, I ask if there was ANY way possible that I could get a ride to the hospital.


Joe or Jo or however he spelled his name - was my savior! This guy was their delivery driver and he told me first off I had to stop crying, haha! He looked at his deliveries and said it would be about 5 minutes and he could work his deliveries to get me to the hospital. This guy. I can't even begin to thank him enough. So we wait for his deliveries to be ready, hop in his car and off to his first drop we go. After that, he took me to the hospital, I thanked him as many times as I could and I bolted through those hospital doors and practically ran to labor and delivery.


All the while my kids & Matt are sitting back at Pizza Hut. A huge, huge, huge thanks to my uncle John for coming to their rescue, I can't thank you enough! I owe you a night out, that's for sure!


I walk through the doors and asked for the room for Champion, "just in time!" was the answer I received. I just knew I was going to walk into that room to see a mama and daddy holding their sweet new boy, but nope! I was just in time! I somehow managed to make it before it was even time to start pushing. This was an act of God, and I do not say that lightly!


I can't thank Jenilee and Brett enough for how much they calmed me - I was a wreck by the time I got to that hospital, and was ready to start graveling at their feet for missing such an important moment. They assured me time and time again that everything was fine. I opened my camera bag, and started clicking away.


It's kinda scary to admit this - considering this is my business, my way of life, my passion - and to admit that I almost missed a birth. I would have been beyond heartbroken.









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