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July 29, 2016




What happens if there isn't enough light, will your flash be popping in my face?
          The perks of being knowledgeable with my camera, is the capability of knowing how to manipulate settings to capture low light situations. With that being said, I do not use flash for birth photographer. I've personally had two births of my own, both were photographed and I couldn't imagine how annoyed I would have been with a flash going off in my face through labor.

I'm apprehensive about letting a stranger watch as I give birth, how do you make me feel comfortable?

          Prior to your birth, I like to set up a meeting with my clients to get to know each other a little more, at this time we also go over your final birth plan, etc. and your expectations. This tends to help take away any awkward moments that might have come during your birth. Also, a lot of ladies are worried about being modest; throughout the labor I roam the room, during dilation checks/etc. I only stay if you have said it is okay, otherwise I exit the room to the hallway with everyone else. During pushing, I stay at the head of the bed, the only time I move towards the end of the bed is to typically get the umbilical cord being cut by father. I do my best to compose shots where your vaginal areas aren't open to the world, in hospital births I do not do crowing shots, for home births/etc. I can do crowning, if that is what the client wants. I do my best to capture your birth at a level that is most comfortable to you.



How much interaction with me, my family or the staff will you have?

         My goal is to be a fly on the wall - typically unless I'm asked a question directly, I stay out of the way and try to not be distracting. I want you and your family to interact as if I wasn't there at all, and to do that, I need to take a step back. I do what I can to get the most amazing shots for you, but with that being said, staying out of you and your families way is also a very high priority.


Why should I hire a birth photographer? My family can take the photos.
          While yes, your husband, mom, sister, etc. could take photos of your birth for you, would you not rather them be part of your experience WITH you? A birth photographer allows you to have all your family members to have their full attention on you and your little one. You will have captured memories of them also. If the daddy is taking photos, how is he going to truly experience those first moments when your child is born?



What do the pictures look like?
          Photos are done either in color or B&W, sometimes both - this 100% depends on the lighting where you are birthing. Some places have horrible lighting, and I will change those B&W to compensate for that. Other rooms have lighting that I can manipulate better, and can keep those in color. The photos are done in a documentary type style, I capture what is going on in real life, they are not posed or played up.

How far in advance should we book our birth session with you?
Since birth photography keeps me on call, I can only take a certain number of births. I recommend booking your birth story with me around the end of your first trimester.



Do I need to talk to my doctor to see if he/she will allow a photographer?
Yes, yes and soooo much yes! I will not even book you until you have gotten the go ahead from your doctor. It is your responsibility to talk with your doctor to make sure they allow birth photographers.


What if I go in to labor at 2 am? Will you still be there?
Of course I will! There is no scheduled time for a birth, when the apple is ripe it'll drop as my momma always says. Due to this nature, I urge each birth client to keep me up to date on their pregnancy. Even the slight chance that you might be in labor, you let me know, even if it turns out being false, that's okay! This is VERY important, as sometimes takes a little time for me to have arrangements completed at home plus the drive time to the hospital, etc.



How long will you be at my birth?
Labors are unpredictable, some moms labor 3 hours others labor 36. There are no set hours for me being with you. After your child is born, I will stay up to two hours after to capture first bonding moments.

What If I know I'll be having a C-Section?
In our area, it can be a little challenging to get a photographer into the OR. This is something you will need to speak to your doctor about. However, I do offer a Fresh 48 session which takes place in the first 48 hours after birth. This is a great for moms to clean up, re-coop from labor and capture some sweet bonding moments.


What about payment plans?
There is a retainer fee due when booking your birth story, the remaining balance is not due until 38 weeks of pregnancy, you can either pay out the balance through that time or with a lump sum on the date it is due. I do offer extended payment plans in various cases, depending on the situation.

I feel so fat & swollen now, why would I want photographs of me in labor?!
Been there, done that! I felt like a beached whale during that time, but, now that it's a couple years later, I wouldn't change having my birth photographed for the world. These are moments you will treasure forever. When you're 90 years old and your memory has faded, you won't be talking about how swollen you are, you'll be happy to treasure such reminders of that spectacular memory. As a photographer, I also have a trained eye for angles and capturing things in a more flattering manner. I do my best to make you look like you, and not magnify any swelling with unflattering angles.


Is there a chance you won't make it to the birth?
There is always a chance, but I guarantee that I do my best to be there. There are always unforeseen circumstances, that we cannot help. However, I am part of a team of birth photographers that I can contact if needed. This is also where you play such a huge role, you HAVE to keep me informed or else I won't know. If I miss labor due to lack of communication, a refund will not be given and I will show up as quickly as possibly and begin photographing the moments after the birth. At this time I will do an extended post delivery session to capture many of your baby's first moments and family bonding.

How far will you travel?
Most births I attend are within 45 miles, however I do travel up to 65 miles for the OKC area, I've done births as far away as 132 miles in Weatherford (home birth), and 94 miles in Durant (induction)












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