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November 7, 2016


Earlier this year, I received an inquiry for a session in Arizona, so as normal I calculated travel/etc. and sent over the pricing. Much to my surprise they were all for it! Honestly the fact that anyone would be willing to pay the travel fee's just so I could shoot their session, simply amazed me.


So on October 21st, we hit the road bright & early for our 15 hour drive.

Thankfully, I have the most amazing husband who handles most of my driving needs. He drove the entire trip to Arizona!

Ohh, New Mexico! The longest stretch of all! Full of...well...a lot of flat land! But some gorgeous views! The sun was starting to set so I managed to sweet talk my husband into pulling over for a couple photos! With that being said, I totally need to invest in a tripod. It took me like 15 minutes to get my camera on focus and sitting on top of our car where it needed to be, I'm pretty sure at one point or other Matt thought about just leaving me on the side of the road, haha!



My clients chose to do their session on top of Mount Lemmon, and as much as heights freak me out, I'm so glad they did! It was COMPLETELY worth the anxiety & slight hyperventilating for the absolutely gorgeous location!





On the way back down the mountain we were able to witness a gorgeous sunset! So, of course I had to get the husband to pull over again! He's such a champ though! He even posed nice and fancy for me while I was getting to focal point set on my camera!





The next day we hit the road towards home! We ended up in Albuquerque before we ended up just calling it a night. The exit we needed was shut down, there was some detour and it was pitch black. 


Monday morning we hit the road again, and finally made it home that evening. But not after making a couple stops along the way to check out the land.

This guy is the world! I've never met someone more supporting of my photography business, or my photographing to begin with. He pretty much lives knowing that I've most likely documented 80% of our life, haha! But hopefully someday it will be something our kids can look back on & love!



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