Lifestyle Change, The First Month

January 27, 2017

I've always been a big girl, that's nothing new, but after my second child I lost control. I let myself completely go. No working out. No watching what I eat. Eating WAY more than I need to and just not caring. I ended up being 312 lbs. I would get back pains after walking around the zoo with my kids and have to cut the day shorter than I wanted. I had to suck it in to pull my shoes on. I couldn't fit any of my clothes anymore. I couldn't do daily basic functions with my kids without being tired and just lazy about it. No energy, no motivation.


My before photo is absolutely nothing to be proud of, and I've contemplated whether I wanted to share this lifestyle change here or not, but I also know that if my story can motivate just one other person to improve themselves, to stop hating their body and their inabilities, then that's something.

January 1st. The start of a new year. Everybody has their resolutions. Most of us start out motivated, excited for a new year then a couple days later they fail. I knew if I had something to work towards it would help. The dress I have on above, my daughter has a matching one. The one I have on was the largest offered. My goal is to be able to fit this dress properly, and take Mommy & Me photos with my little girl.


I started off with something simple, no pop. I figured I would slowly work my way through taking away things that were bad for me, instead of going fully in and then failing.


Then January 3rd happened.

My husband has battled high blood pressure for a long while now, we've been through one scare before. What we thought was possibly pneumonia due to a heavy chest and not being able to breath. As soon as he went through triage we learned his blood pressure was sky high again, I mean stroke range. This being the second emergency room visit he has had about his blood pressure, we knew we HAD to make a change, no slowly easing into it, it couldn't just be me, we needed a complete 180 done. If we kept living the way we were I would not be growing old with the love of my life. 




We went home with the goals to change our lifestyle. January 9th however, we ended up back at the hospital when my husband lost eye sight in one of his eyes.


After many, many hours in the ER, being admitted and an over night stay at the 'hotel' it was determined that there had been a stroke and it hit his eye, which I thank god for daily - it could have been his brain, it could have killed him, but it didn't. He's still with me today, and I hate watching him struggle with his vision, but my selfish self is so, so happy that it was just an eye.  


Hello wake up call. My husband is now 100% on board, which makes this whole adventure so much easier.



Step 1. We made a meal list, we cleaned out the pantry & fridge. We checked sodium levels, fat levels, etc. We restocked our fridge with healthier choices. 




We have stayed away from eating out as much as we can, we have actually found some much healthier ways of enjoying our favorite foods! We are only human, so we do have a cheat day every two weeks. We station it around payday, but we try to not go overboard and keep it from being anything extreme. 


 Here are just some of the meals we have had, the hardest part is not indulging when we do eat out. Like when I go to Mazzios with my mom for lunch, and I eat only a salad instead of diving into that pizza buffet that smells so, so good. Luckily, I found a pretty tasty way to curve those pizza cravings as well!


On top of regular work outs, we have also joined a gym! Paying for something definitely helps keeping me motivated. 


Pushing myself has been the hardest part of this, my muscles have become so weak - so weak that I didn't even realize just how weak they were! 


But the absolute best part of this, isn't the actual losing weight but the moment when I go to do my next workout and I am able to do even more than I did the previous day. Being able to hold a plank for that 10 seconds longer than the day before, to be able to do 20 more jumping jacks that before and 5 more squats. 


I haven't even ran since back in my college days, when my best friend and I would go out in the middle of the night. I didn't realize how much I missed just running. 


I went out for my first run, and well, lets say it's less than impressive, but I know if I made it that far this time, I can make it further the next time.




 One thing harder than working out, remembering to drink my water. I'm the worlds worst at keeping fluids in me. I'll typically drink something in the morning with my thyroid medicine, then I won't drink anything else until lunch, then after lunch I won't drink again until dinner time! That's not much fluid. 





As of today, 1-27-17, I weighed in at 298. 14 lbs. My husband weighed in losing around 25 lbs! To say I'm a little jealous of him is an understatement, when they say men lose faster, they don't lie. 



Before I close up this months post, I want to ask you, what are your goals?! My ultimate goal, is to be happy with myself. My ultimate goal isn't really weight loss, it's being able to have a strong healthy body, to be able to run and play with my kids, it's so that in September, when my husband and I take our trips to the Ozarks, we can go on hiking trails without feeling like death is trying to take over.




This is a photo from before I had Hunter, so probably about 2012 early 2013. This is my inspiration photo. I was once there before, I can be there again!

If you're interested in any of the recipes used, shoot me an e-mail at or a facebook message and I'll be beyond happy to share them with you!

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