Lifestyle Change, the last day of Month #1

January 31, 2017

Here we go, the very end of my first full month of this lifestyle change! 



The hard part of getting exercise is having two small ones. My little boy Granger is 1, and my girl Hunter is 3. Early bed times, too young to be left alone obviously, etc. So we typically have to take turns doing workouts in the evenings, thankfully my sister is helping us out also so we can start going to the gym together. Also lucky for us, my grandpa has a treadmill that he wasn't using, so he let us bring it to our house! Don't get me wrong, treadmill walking is so hard for me! I made it a full .3 miles of walking and jogging before I was completely out of breath. A mere 8 minutes. They say that you need to work out at least 30 minutes, but unfortunately 8 on the treadmill was all I had. But, 8 was more than the zero I had before this change, so it's something.  


If anyone else is trying to push themselves right now, always remember that whatever your doing is more than you were doing before and its so much more than doing absolutely nothing!


 This was two days later, I kicked it up and went for 16 minutes total! My goal was honestly 10 minutes, but I kept pushing through. I was hoping to go on to hit 20 minutes but Granger woke up from his nap so I had to stop. I went from .3 miles to .553! Even a little gain is still a gain!




January 30th. I did my end of the month weigh in. I started this adventure at 312 and I'm currently down to 297.8. 


Just seeing a number that doesn't start with a 3 was exciting for me. 14 down in one month, makes it seem easy but I know that I have much harder days in front of me.






The day before was my 8 minute run, then I went home at lunch and jumped on the treadmill and in 14 minutes I did almost the same mileage as the day before. 


It's exciting to see numbers change!


.5 miles in 14 minutes versus the .5 miles in 16 minutes, plus I pushed myself a little harder and did a lot more jogging as well!


 The 30th was also another big step forward for me. I grew some balls and measured body. I know that eventually the scale will stop moving very much, and as I gain muscle I will lose inches. So I knew I needed these inches for if I start lacking motivation and need a pick me up to see how far I have come. 


A friend shared this handy dandy measuring sheet that you can copy from below if you're needing to keep track of your journey as well!


 I ended the 30th and the very last day of January by meeting up with my cousin and her husband, and walking the track at the Wellness Center. 



Walking outside is so much easier for me, and I can do so much more. I'm blaming it on head games, watching a monitor move on a tread mill and going so so slow can kind of put you down.


I use the Nike+Run Club to track my miles, it lets me add friends, etc. so we can see how many miles each of us have walked, etc. I'm pretty competitive so this helps keep me movivated as well!


I you want to add me, the e-mail is

I've also started a get fit group, called #workitoff, if you're interested in joining you can click the link below! We do great at holding each other accountable and keeping each other motivated!



I ended this month with a total of 3.35 miles, so here's to hoping I can at least double that in February!



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