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February 13, 2017


Here's goes the second month! Shew. I can definitely say the first month was the easiest and the hardest, at the same time. It was kind of easy because I was SO motivated because it was new, yet at the same time hard because it's new! I had to learn to say NO NO NO so much! I had to teach myself to kick the habit of ordering dr peppers when we were out to ordering water, to being pickier when I did order versus ordering a big ol' juicy burger with french fries.






The second month is easier in the aspect that I now order water without thinking, that I've gotten better at drinking water throughout the day.


I usually average 2-3 bottles during work now, which is 50.7 ounces, which is most of the recommended 64 ounces.


So that's a plus!


I found this handy chart, and I put alarms on my phone to help me also, that way if I haven't had enough of water yet!



The chart suggests 2 glasses of water in the morning, one around 11 am, two with lunch, one mid-afternoon, then with dinner! 


So I currently wake up and drink some after I get dressed and while I take my thyroid medicine, I have my first alarm set at 8:30 am, this is set perfectly so that I'm at work and settled in, my second alarm is 10:30 am, this way I go and get more water. At lunch I drink one before I leave, then I try to do my walk - sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, or if I don't walk I try to do my 7 minute workout app. Working out at lunch is probably the hardest habit I've had to break, I normally would go into town and eat with my mom and sometimes my dad also, typically a pizza buffet or burgers. Occasionally I still go with them, but I've changed from my normal food to typically getting a lettuce wrapped burger or just the salad bar instead! My next alarm is set for around 3:30, I get off work at 4:30 and typically get back home from picking up my littles around 5-5:30 depending, my next alarm is set for 6:00, we eat dinner way earlier than the 8:00 pm listed considering we have little ones who are in bed around 8 pm, haha! The alarms have really helped me in working on my water consumption. 




 I made this fun little thing as well, visually seeing myself getting closer to my goals is helpful! My goal is 70 lbs, and then after that I will see where I want to go. There are 70 rocks in that left jar.


We started this month out with our first gym trip! So many goals being met already. I definitely have to brag on my husband. I'm the one that pushes and pushes when it comes to food and cardio, but when we hit the gym, he definitely worked my ass! I love our push and push mentality. He kept me where I needed to be when it came to weights, and I pushed him on the other aspects like squats, push-ups/planks and leg lifts. 

With two small children and crazy work schedules getting to go to the gym is hard, plus I'm not very smart in the gym, I don't know the right and wrong ways to do things - so I kind of NEED my husband to go with me right now since he grew up going to the gym, and knows how to do things. I would rather go to the gym less and do it right than go and end up hurting myself. Luckily our gym is 24 hours, shout out to Taylor Made Strength on main street in Seminole. 


Another exciting moment to begin this month was I did 1 mile in under 14:39 minutes. I know that doesn't sound like much, but when I was walking half a mile in 16 minutes when we started, it's improvement! Even better was that I did it in flip flops, because I kind of forgot to grab my tennis shoes when leaving the house this morning, oops. 



On the 4th I took my weight again, I have a really bad habit of stepping on the scale literally every single time I go into the bathroom. So far, that hasn't been too bad of a thing for me, but I definitely know I need to break that habit because eventually the scale won't move as much, but that won't mean that I'm not bettering myself.


Either way, I hit 293!  That makes it 19 lbs down in 35 days! All by pushing myself to walk as often as I can and eating healthier.  


I used to try every single diet option out there, wraps, shakes, pills, etc. and they didn't work for me. I'm not saying these things don't work, each person has something that will work for them and it's never going to be the same as anyone else. But I'm kinda annoyed with myself for trying so many other options when I could have just done it by working out and eating healthier all along! But, everything takes trial and error! I would use the other options as something to lean on, I would think, oh I can eat this and be fine because I had that shake for breakfast, or because I took a pill. But no, that's not how it works!



That number going down gave me the extra motivation to bundle my butt up and go for a walk that morning also, the temp said 38, but I swear it was at least 10 degrees lower than that with the wind! Luckily I had a friend walking with me, so that kept me pushing on, she even pushed me to jog more than I would have and really get that sweat rollin'. 



 My husband and I are absolutely HORRIBLE at remembering something for breakfast. So I threw together this fun little snack for us! It has a mixture of Oats 'n Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit Medley, Cashews with coconut (which means very low sodium!), non-salted almonds, mixed it all together bagged it up and went!


Now we can just grab a bag off the table and walk out the door!


They're also great because the kids love them as well.


The worst time for me to cheat is when I'm hungry and don't have anything with me that's a healthy option, that's when convenience comes in, and usually the unhealthy items are the least convenient. 


 Check out that, that's my walking view. My goal is to be able to go on nature trails and walks with my husband on our trips. So, this hay field is my track on most of my lunch breaks. I don't do any running on it, because I don't want to fall in a hole or something, but I feel like it helps me work my legs a lot more. I can walk a much brisker pace on a road or track, but the field definitely gives other muscles more of a work out.


 13 days into my second month. 44 days total. 23 lbs down. I feel better, I'm starting to gain confidence again, I know I have a long ways to go still, but being able to put my shoes on without huffing and puffing and my stomach being in my way is one of the best feelings. I've started running around with my kids more and not thinking twice about it or telling them, "no, mommy is tired." I just do it. And they love it. That's what makes this worth it. 



I don't really crave the 'bad' foods much anymore, I mean of course they still sound good when I think about them, but the order right habit is definitely starting to form. I don't even hesitate to order water when we are out at a restaurant, and I scour the menu for healthier options without a second though. 


The photo on the left was taken on 1-18-17 and the one on the right on 2-10-17. 23 days apart, and so much improvement. 


As for an update on my husband, he isn't as big on keeping track of his journey, but he's lost over 30 lbs so far! And that turd doesn't workout near as much as I do! Darn those men and their ability to lose weight so quickly! He feels so much better though, and I'm so, so thankful for that. His vision has improved so much in his right eye and I'm starting to really think God is going to bless us with a full recovery from his stroke. <3


Also I've had a lot of people asking about my meal plans, so I'm working on another meal blog with recipes and stuff we fix! So keep an eye out for that! 


If you're following my story, drop a comment below!




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