Backroads & A Best Friend

February 22, 2017

Some of my favorite memories are back roads, a little beer and so, so, so, many laughs with my best friends. This weeks theme for our little blog circle was friendship, as soon as I read the themed I knew exactly what I wanted to capture. Two friends, sharing their memories together on a little back road with some beer! 



 When I separately asked both girls a little about their adventures as best friends, I received about the same response from both!


"Most of our stories start and end on a dirt road!"


On top of that, most stories probably aren't appropriate for sharing to the general public, but I can definitely say their friendship connection was abundant!


Their friendship is not simply something that can be narrowed down with words in one blog post, but I would say these photos do the work for them. 




"We came across each other by accident, but stayed on purpose."






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