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February 28, 2017

I would love to say that I didn't do some major slacking the second half of this month, but truth be told I did. Most of my slacking was eating wise, we get busy and it gets easier for me to just go grab something in town instead of cooking. I did however have plenty of goals hit and improvements!


But. Excuses make you weak. Push through & do it! That's what I kept telling myself. 


On the 14th I was working the election poll, and of course, that should have been a super easy reason to just not get much moving, working out, etc. in that day. Nope! I chose to make myself get up!



In this little bitty office area, I got my work out in. I improvised.

I briskly walked from wall to wall 10 times, then 10 jumping jacks, 10 squat, then repeated! I did this for 10 minutes straight and did it multiple times through the day.


When you're stuck in a building from 6:30 am until 7:00 pm, you do what you can do! But I was proud of myself because last year I would have just sat in my swivel chair playing on my phone or laptop and eating unhealthy snacks all day. My fitbit definitely helped me with moving also, since it reminded me every hour to hit my goals. It's probably one of the best purchases I've made for this journey!


So heck yeah for a win there!



Upon other things, I was able to move THREE more rocks over to the pounds lost bowl, which is rewarding as it is.


I did have about a full week where the scale went up and wasn't really moving back down. That kind of defeated me a little bit inside but I kept reminding myself that I was going to measure myself at the end of this month and I would see improvement there.


My addiction to the scale is not healthy at all either. I know in my brain that the scale isn't everything, but it can still sort of bring me down when it doesn't move.


Another big victory, I walked/jogged a full 4.57 miles! When I first started this journey I made it about .5 miles before I had to stop. So adding a full four miles onto that was amazing! The fact that I jogged a LOT, maybe a full mile of it - of course, that was in intervals not straight, but it beats not being able to jog at all! I did a test the other day and I was able to jog a full .12 miles without stopping, that may not be much, but I'm excited to see how much that changes at the end of next month! 


Of course we got one more trip into the gym, it looks like we're making it about twice a month right now, which, unfortunately isn't what I want, I would like at least twice a week, but, life guys, it happens.


However my husband has taught me a lot in the gym so far, so I feel confident that I can start going by myself and that will give us a chance to make it there even more, since we can just take turns going while the other stays with our little ones. 


I think my biggest happy moment was one of two, the first being above, with 22" loss total over all, but SEVEN inches off my waist! Heck yeah! 


Unfortunately my stomach didn't change much though, but hey, it's a process right?! I have been slacking on the abdominal work outs and it's definitely showing. I feel like I need to definitely push that more in the next month to start shrinking my stomach.


My second NSV (non-scale victory) was this shirt on the right! My normal t-shirt size lately has been 3xl, 2xl at tops. This shirt is an XL! And I sure as heck wore it proudly! I'm excited about being able to pull out more shirts that have been sitting in my closet rotting away.


Now, I have my dress shot that I planned to do each month, and I did it this month but I do not particularly wish to share. I don't feel like there's very much difference, honestly to me it looks like I went the wrong way, which kind of got me down. So, I am not going to post this one, but I plan on taking one later this week and I will share it at my halfway point next month.


So here's the the end of month #2.

27 lbs down. 22"+ down!

(I didn't do measurements at the beginning of January, so I'm not sure how many total inches I am down.)




If you're following a long, leave me a comment down below! (:



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