3 Months Out The Window

April 17, 2017

I kind of slacked, a lot. I have only gone walking a couple times through the weeks...okay so maybe like once a week if that..my eating habits haven't been up to par, a lot of Mexican food and queso and chips - but it's queso, how do you sit at a table and not eat that?! I definitely need to up my self control, especially if I want to hit my goals before we go on our trip in September. So, with that being said, I'll take you through March and how things went. 



So the first of the month I was making progress, this was one 3-2-17, I started timing my runs to see how far I could run without you know, dying, haha. I would walk and stretch get my muscles going and then run until I couldn't anymore, if I stopped walking even for a second it didn't count, and that was the end of the run time. So my first one was .08, my second run was .12 and on the 2nd of March I hit .24, which was a big success for me, running is hard, especially when you have extra baggage bouncing around.


The third photo on the right was taken on the 13th of March. I had been feeling down about the number on the scale not going down and actually jumping up. So I decided to take another photo and compare. I may have gained some more on the scale but my photos show that I was still losing the fat. This made me want to continue pushing harder, and helped my head from thinking that it was all about a number on a scale.


I'm SO bad about wanting to constantly weigh myself, I've actually taken my scale out of my bathroom, it's sitting on the counter in my kitchen now, so it's more of an inconvenience for me to be constantly weighing myself, and it's more out of sight so I don't think about it quite as much.

 On the 14th I did another face photo to see what progress I had there, I've been losing motivation so much this month and I was hoping it would kick me into gear a little more also. I was very proud of the change I saw, but unfortunately it didn't get my butt moving again. 


So after not having gone running or walking since the 2nd of this month, I had pushed myself to go back out and I had definitely gone a couple steps backwards and only managed .14 miles.  I showed a photo above of one of my FAVORITE meals from the past month, it has onions, bell pepper, lemon, tomato, brussel sprouts and asparagus topped with a little minced garlic, I sauteed this all up and it was so, SO good!


That was pretty much the extent of my workouts last month - BOO on me! However, now that that month is over, I have noticed that although I didn't follow my lifestyle change eating and working out wise as completely as I SHOULD have, there were some things that have definitely become a habit now. I order water with lemon without second thought when we are out eating. I eat smaller portions and stay away from the fried options, etc.


I have not taken a dress photo this month with everything being SO crazy, so I'll be posting another blog here soon with my measurement updates and a dress photo as well. Here's to kicking ass in April - even though I'm not doing good for being 17 days into it so far, hah! But I will end this blog with another face progress photo. 




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