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May 2, 2017


4 Months. 4 Months down. That sounds like such a short period of time honestly, but its been such a long trying FOUR months! I started April out with a pretty decent hike through Sportsmans Lake area with one of my besties. It wasn't very enduring in the physical department but it was definitely mind clearning - and mental health is just as important as physical health. 


I was also quite proud of myself, I found I had a free evening while my husband worked a night shift, so I packed up the kids and we hit the track for a walk. Normally I wouldn't go without another adult - I hate going anywhere by myself, but I know this journey isn't something I can depend on other people with. Having others to encourage and support me is great; but I have to be able to do this on my own also if I want to ever hit my goals. 


 These photos have almost a year difference - the difference isn't massive, since I've only been working on changing myself for four months of that year difference, and since the other remaining time of that year difference I was making myself even worse, but it is a difference, and I was so excited. I was honestly SUPER excited when my mother-in-law took these shots for us and I didn't absolutely hate myself in them. A lot of that has to do with learning to love myself, and the new found confidence I've received since bettering myself. 


What is even more rewarding than seeing changes in myself, is know that along the way I'm able to help others. When I started posting to social media I was doing it to keep myself accountable. When I know other people KNOW that I'm trying to better myself, it makes me want to keep doing it because I don't want them to see me fail! But knowing that my posting has helped others motivate themselves is simply an indescribable feeling. 

 Food is my favorite, I man, obviously how do you think I got to where I am, haha! I worked on meal prepping this month which I'm horrible at, I mean HORRIBLE. I made some tuna salad - with tuna, boiled eggs, a small amount of relish and mustard. This is great to eat as is or on a lettuce wrap! I made some breakfast muffins, which was made with ground venison, egg and topped with cheese. Normally I love adding extras like onion, bell pepper, avocado, tomato, spinach etc. in them but I didn't want to make a store run, ahah! The other item is simply chicken thighs - I cooked one portion of them with minced garlic and Mrs. Dash and the others topped with Valentina sauce, so it had some flavor and my husband wouldn't pout, haha. Chicken is one of the best meal prep items in my opinion, because it can be used for SO many things! Lettuce wraps, salads, heck - by itself! Its easy to reheat and go!

 I did my first full HIIT workout at home on the 24th, and decided to do some new before shots so I can track my progress some more. I also finally took another dress shot for those interested, my camera lens I had been taking the photos with died in a terribly tragedy, so I had to use my cell phone so the


angles are a bit different, but I think they're close enough to work. 


I ended the month on a happy note, though I've struggled lately it definitely helped my attitude when I walked into wal-mart and was able to purchase some 'cute' jean shorts! Typically, my only options are old woman long down to my knees plain ol' jean shorts that weren't flattering at all. - no offense to anyone that loves them, haha. <3


But I went down a couple sizes and was even able to purchase other clothing options in a 2x instead of 3/4x. It's the little things that make this journey worth it. 


It is definitely trying at times - especially when my husband says he will love me no matter how I look, and I really just want to sit down and eat some queso and chips until I can't eat anymore. Oh, how I miss queso and chips. <3


If you are looking for an amazing support group, please check out my #workitoff group on facebook - we have so many amazing people in there helping each other reach their goals and encouraging them along their journeys. It's a safe haven for those needing help. <3



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