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May 17, 2017

Here we go into month 5. I'm still kind of amazed at myself for making it this far. I mean, we all know most 'new year new me' fads last about 2 weeks and then are done, so here's a heck yes for making good habits! This months blog I'm just going to do in two parts, because I've been pretty busy gettin' it done, plus it will be more of a day to day - instead of just an overlook on the entire month at once. So far this month has been good to me, or I have been good to it I should say, I've pushed a little harder and been pretty well behaved. May 1st I set a goal of NO fast food. Of course, May 2nd I found myself in Carls Jr., usually I take lunches with my husband and mom and I hate not having that time with them - so it makes resisting temptation a little harder. But I firmly said no, ate something else for lunch and just hung out with them while they ate.


On the first we ALSO started our very first IN PERSON meetings for my #workitoff group! That's pretty dang exciting to me! I'm so glad that my little facebook group has really taken off and is helping people! I'm super thankful to a friend Jacqi for coming to me with her idea of in person meetings to really start getting our local members involved! 



That same night we went out to Applebee's for dinner - with our crazy

t-ball/photography schedules eating out just happens - but making GOOD choices while eating out is key! I chose the Cedar Grilled Chicken which has granny smith apple relish, lemon olive oil vinaigrette, cranberries, rice, honey-glazed pecans & quinoa. This plate has 580 calories, which I didn't think was that bad considering I couldn't finish the meal! I'm not 100% what the macro information is for this plate, BUT I do know it had to be better than eating some of the other options! 



I'm finally starting to really see a difference in my stomach, so much less 'hang' lol!

I started my 3rd day of the month off with a smoothie; it was pretty tasty! I used all sorts of ingredients, strawberries, blue berries, rolled oats, almonds, almond milk, greek yogurt, etc.! I really love how energized I get from all the natural sugars in the fruits. It really beats the coffee I used to drink!

For dinner that night I tried something new - my husband was NOT excited about that, haha! I made cauliflower grilled cheese, with a little extra! So I made my cauliflower forms baked them up, then I added cheese, avocado and tomato then baked until the cheese had melted. Let me just tell you, it was DELICIOUS! Even my kiddos ate them, although, that's not saying much for my kids they eat anything, haha!

That night my cousin Sam and I went out for a walk, it's been great getting to walk with her this month because we have really helped push each other! We hit our first 5k for this month, and we were pretty proud of our time, considering we had only recently started walking and really getting after it in that aspect.

I started the 4th out with some yummy fruits, nuts and cheeses! Of course, I had to rock the Star Wars shirt for May 4th, duhh. On the 5th I weighed in at my lowest weight at that time at 284.2! This put me at 27.8 lbs down total since 1-1-17! Also, can we talk about how sad life is when you run out of tacos. Sad, so very sad! & those killer geese - seriously though, they mean mug me every time I walk by. 

 I felt so good about this before and after shot, there is little less than a year between the two shots and a whole heck of a lot of difference!


 On the 7th we had an extremely busy day! It really tested my strength and I was very happy with the results. We got up and went to the zoo to give the kiddos a fun day out, I logged around 4 miles! After that, we went out to the lake because I had some photo sessions to do, like 5/6 sessions, haha! So we walked around the lake until it was time for the sessions, then I did those, then we went out to dinner and I even willingly went to the store afterwards! I've always had ankle problems and in the past when we went to the zoo it put me out of commission for the rest of the day, my ankles would hurt so bad afterwards that I would just cry! It felt so good to actually feel progress like that!


Also, again with the temptation! We decided on Roma's for dinner after our zoo trip - and their rolls are SO yummy, plus all the pasta's and ahhh! BUT I stayed strong, lol! I ordered grilled chicken & mixed veggies! What I love is that it costs around $6 for that meal and it's enough for me to get TWO meals out of it!


 I've felt really good about this month, on the 9th I went and hit a 4.38 mile walk! That's pretty exciting to me, haha! It means I made progress from the last walk I had done from this month! And progress is good! As you can see from the last image above when I first started I was only getting around .3 miles before I just had to quit, now I'm walking 4.08 miles more than that! Anytime you think you can't just know you can! I thought I would be walking maybe a mile tops by now, I never thought I would really be able to do a 5k walk, but look at me go! Not to toot my own horn, but gosh it feels good to be able to do something after working so hard towards it. 


I also got my new #workitoff shirts in support of my facebook group in this day. The largest I could order for the tank was a 2x, I knew it wouldn't fit great, but I knew eventually it would! So I went ahead and got me one! On the back I have my moto for my group, "You take the journey to change your life, we simply stand behind you along the way." It really shows the true meaning of my #workitoff group. Support, encourage and accountability! 


On the 10th I kind of had a rough day, so I took a much needed cheat. I got me some queso and chips and a margarita, haah! It felt good, and honestly I know that if I just allow myself the cheats then I won't binge on something later. Plus, it's really good to shock your body every now and then! 


Also, can we just discuss how stinkin' hard it is to walk into a pizza buffet and NOT get any pizza?! Oh, my heart. My body felt great for that decision, but lawdy did it smell amazing!


At this point of my journey sometimes it's not worth the splurge, not because I'm worried about gaining more weight back - but because my body now reacts terribly to some food items, and by terribly I mean, well, just trust me on that one, haha!


In my #workitoff group we had a weekly challenge that was to list 10 things you love about yourself.


This may sound pretty simple, but honestly it's not necessarily as simple as it sounds, I had to think on a couple of these.


One of the biggest things during this lifestyle change is that I'm truly learning to love myself - not my figure, not my fat percentage or the fact that I weigh too much - but my true self.


Loving yourself is SO, SO, SO important! In order to better yourself you need to love yourself to begin with.


Loving yourself creates such a healthy atmosphere - it enables you to truly work towards other goals because you want to better yourself/etc.

 One of our favorite meals is tacos - so I do my best to make them healthier for us. For this dinner I used small corn street tacos, I mashed avocado for a spread, added black beans then put on my filler which was venison, shrimo, onions and tomato! I added a little cilantro and lime to top it off. 



Can we talk about workouts with your kiddos now?! Anyone else tried to go walking with three little walkers?! Haha! My cousin and I got about 2.5 miles in before we called it quits - it was getting too chilly for the kiddos and they were definitely past their bedtime. I can definitely guarantee that we worked a little harder during this walk though considering we were lifting up kiddos, carrying them, chasing them, etc. It was a good but of extra motivation for us honestly, plus the kids had a blast hanging out together. My cousin and I do love doing these things with our littles because showing them that a healthy lifestyle can be a normal lifestyle is VERY important to us.



One of our homework projects for our in person meetings was sneaking in exercise - changing the way you do things so that you get more active from it. For example, instead of taking the elevator I carried my 38 lb kiddo up and down the stairs at her doctors appointment.


I was excited about myself because normally walking down stairs was a slow painful process for my ankles. To be able to walk down stairs in a timely manner was nice.







 This month has definitely been one of really getting out there - for the first time I bought a bathing suit and didn't hate myself, I didn't feel the need to buy an additional shirt to go OVER my bathing suit, or big long shorts to cover up my bottom.


I felt so comfortable in my own skin, it was a great feeling.

 Have I meantioned how much energy these smoothies give me?! Love it! I also tried a new recipe I saw on facebook - tuna with greek yogurt, onion, avacado inside of a pickle! Now, if you're watching your sodium that probably isn't the best option for you but I loved it!

 This fortune really hit home with me lately - I can hit my goals, nothing can stop me!


We spent mothers day weekend having fun, we went to the lake, and I was able to truly enjoy time with my kids, I didn't feel like everyone was staring at me and judging me. I'm sure in the past not many people were really worried about my presence at the lake - but due to my own insecurities I couldn't enjoy being out there because my head told me everyone was watching me because of my weight and talking smack about it.



For dinner we took my mother in law out to dinner, this was another challenging time to fit something that fit into my guidelines for healthier eating. I chose the shrimp salad which was grilled shrimp on a lettuce bed with avocado and cheese, it was so filling that I didn't even finish eating it all! I was also craving some chips, one of my downfalls, so I made a run by Aldi's to pick out some great alternatives!


  I'm going to end this months blog on a pretty darn good note; the other night my cousin and I hit 5.58 miles. I really never thought I would be able to walk that far without being dead to the world the next day, heck, I used to not even be able to walk half a mile without being dead, lol! 


I usually don't do measurements until the end of each month, but I was a little nosey so I did some mid-month measurements. Overall I am down 43.25" since January 30th. Since May 2nd I am down 11.75"!


It's super important to use measurements as an incentive also and not JUST a scale! <3


HOWEVER, I did hit a new all time low this morning at 283.2! 


I've also had NO fast food so far! 17 days in and 14 days left in this month! I'm hoping by the time this month is over #nofastfood will be a habit and not just a monthly goal!



If you read this far, drop a comment below and let me know you're here! (:



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