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May 30, 2017



My two goals this month were not fast food and to be able to run a mile, well I've slacked off on my mile a lot. On the 17th I put some effort into it again and ran almost full 3 minutes which is a lot for me. I probably won't hit my mile running this month due to slacking off so much though which bums me out a bit.


My cousin and I had to improvise, as most of us do when you have kiddos, we wanted to get some exercise in so we loaded up the wagons and walked down the road! We only walked a mile and a half - but that was a tough mile and a half! My arms and upper thighs definitely felt it after pulling the wagons that far on a dirt road!


I also had a habit of wearing my husbands shirts - it was actually kind of depressing to me that I could do that. This morning I had thrown on the first shirt I saw, which was one of my husbands, and lets just say I won't be wearing it anymore because it was WAY too big!

 So this month I had signed up for a diet bet sort of event in one of my photography groups - I set me goal as 6 lbs, and killed it with 10 lbs lost total! I've done these before but I had never completed my goal before! As you can tell I was super excited when I did my weigh in on that final morning!

 My little one is out of school, so getting walking in at lunch time is harder plus this day it was raining; we had so much fun making it into a chasing game though! Her and her brother definitely keep me going on this journey!


On the 20th my #workitoff group got together for our fist outting! We had a great zoo trip! The zoo is definitely one of my favorite places to go because my kids have a blast PLUS it keeps me active! I normally log around 4 miles when at the zoo!

 I'm really starting to be way more active and I'm loving it! A friend and I went to check out the Wichita Wildlife Refuge on the 21st and it was so much fun! I honestly can't WAIT to go back!

 We hiked around the top of Mount Scott, we went on a couple trails - I may have been attacked by a cactus, ya know, daily life problems, haha!


We also went through the parallel forest while we were there - apparently there is a waterfall there somewhere, but I'm not convinced of that yet since we followed every trail we could find and never saw a waterfall, lol! 


Either way, going through the forest with no cell service was kind of relaxing.


Had to play dress up this month for a court date to work on our adoption between my husband and my daughter, last time I wore this dress I had to wear a 'fat sucker inner' you know, the spandex stuff you squeeze and push yourself into?! Well this time, I said peace out to that nonsense!


 As I've mentioned before staying hydrated is one of m biggest struggles! Thankfully I now have this handy dandy ulla tool that REALLY helps me remember to drink while I'm sitting at my office desk all day! I also tried my hand at some yogurt popsicles with strawberry, blueberry and greek yogurt!


For a snack I made some pretty taste skillet fried shrimp sauteed in Parmesan garlic sauce! They REALLY hit the spot and that one serving kept me pretty darn full!


One of the meals from this month was spaghetti squash spaghetti! And guess what, my husbands finally approved of something! Or at least, he claimed to like it - the world may never know, haha!

 I really made myself proud with this walk/run. I went with my cousin and we really pushed each other - we did 1 minute run, 5 minute walk, repeat. I was beyond excited to hit my 5k in under an hour and my fastest mile at 18'10"! There are plenty out there that that's a laugh to - but gosh it felt freaking amazing to be able to do that!

I feel like I've really had the most progress this month when it comes to feeling great about myself. 


For starters I've hit the lowest weight yet and broke out of the 80's! 


I splurge bought a cute shirt at the store a size smaller than normal, didn't even try it on, and it fit great! I absolutely loved it!


Also did a comparison from January to know of my stomach progress and can see SO much difference! 


I still have such a long way to go, but I'm so determined to get there! 


I just know if I keep going I'll be where I want to be soon!




We all know selfies can be manipulated and deceiving - even if they aren't meant to be, but when I had my mom take this behind the scenes shot I was pleasantly surprised! I can definitely tell that I need to work on toning my stomach a lot still, but I didn't feel like a beached whale either!

I ended the weekend of may pretty active, I second shot a wedding on Saturday and went to the zoo Sunday! Of course since it was a holiday weekend we were home Monday also and decided to make the best of it also! The family and I took a trip out to Sulphur and really enjoyed hiking through the river, that's right, straight down the middle of it! It was so much fun! I ended the 3-day weekend with a sweaty as hell 5k and one more big accomplushment of buying a pair of pants in a size 20 instead of 24!

 & of course here is the monthly dress photos! Top photos were taken January 1st, second set on May 30th! (:




I didn't hit my running mile this month but I did manage to only eat fast food twice! Both for cheat meals as a craving, lol! So I'll take that as a win!







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