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June 29, 2017


There are so many aspects to take into consideration while getting healthy. Having a support system is top notch. Multiple times in my past I tried to lose weight, by myself, nobody to talk to about it, nobody to push me but myself, etc. 


Now, thanks to organizing my #workitoff group, I have multiple people that I join up with to go walking and exercise with. This helps me stay accountable so much, I'll make plans earlier in the day to go walk and then of course I can't back out, because I have other people expecting me to be there. It really helps me from making excuses and backing out for no reason.


 I started this month off pretty well, and held through - you can scroll through and see how the month went below! I'll talk some more on my struggles towards the end of this blog! (:


 A colorful dinner is my favorite! I've loved getting to bring in new vegetable options that my family is loving!

 My husband and I were gifted some concert tickets, so it was nice to get a little dressed up for an evening out. Even better is that I actually felt good about myself when I got ready to go!


Last month I had some issues where I was comparing my before/after photos a lot as normal, but I was finding myself down because I wasn't making the progress that I thought I would. I'll share at the end of the blog how this goal for this month helped me.


This little walk below was definitely out of the ordinary for me, a dear friend wanted to meet up and walk - so I did it, with the kiddos in haul & in the middle of the day!


 Zoo trips are still one of my favorite way to get my steps in, although i'm 99.9% sure my fitbit was having issues that day because I've never walked under a mile while at the zoo, lol! I mean, check out that map! How does that even work?! Oh well, after the zoo I went out and helped my dad at our hunting lease. Big deal right?! Well it is! 6 months ago, I would have never wanted to go out and do something ELSE after we spent a day at the zoo. 


Hello to this day. That photo to the left, all one day. SHEW. I need MORE days like this and I would be doing AMAZING!



I started my lunch break off with my first time doing 30/60's at the advice of a friend. I was actually impressed that I was able to do .6 miles of it without stopping, I felt like I could do more and I'm kind of bummed I didn't hit one mile BUT I was on my lunch break and didn't have any more time.


I came back in and broke out my lunch veggies and fruit - which was super filling and felt great after that run.


That evening I went out for my normal evening walk. Except, it wasn't normal at all. We rocked the heck out of this walk! I hit 6.5 miles! I'm not gonna lie, that was pretty exciting for me. 



Another big thing for that day was that I hit my largest weight lost number so far - 35 lbs down!


I need to honestly model every day after this day, and I would probably be a lot further along than I am now, haha!

 Another goal hit! So if you haven't heard of tdazzled, then I'm assuming you don't have any daughters, granddaughters, nieces, etc. haha; anyways, I was drooling over this Harry Potter leggings when they came out, but I really doubted I could fit them. These items tend to run a little smaller from boutiques and well, I just wasn't sure. BUT. I bit the bullet, I couldn't tell them no! I bought them, it takes about a month to get them in because it's a pre-order system. When I got them in the mail I HAD to try them on immediately! THEY FIT! Not only did they fit, I didn't have horrible muffin top issues which had been one of my biggest worries. These small #NSV (non-scale victories) are literally the best!


I was able to really have some fun when I took my grandparents to the zoo!


My grandfather and I are both photographers, so it was super fun taking turns taking photographs of the animals!


We had almost hit my 5k walk when we were leaving, so instead of giving up my grandparents sat in the car in the air conditioning and I did laps around the zoo parking lot!


Below you will see some photos from a painting class I did. I have some pretty bad anxiety, but part of my new lifestyle is working on this as well.


The day of the painting event came about and unfortunately the people that were attending with me couldn't make it, any other time I would have backed out and just not went. Not this time. I went and truly enjoyed myself. I've found that I'm really starting to enjoy doing some things alone! I drove the 45 minutes to the class, sat through and finished my project, drove home and just absolutely loved that time. 



I've mentioned this one already, at the beginning, but seriously - finding friends that want to be active is seriously the best. To be like, "Hey girl, wanna do something this weekend?!" And the answer isn't sitting on the couch while the kids play - that's winning! 



 Quick lunches are my jam a lot - this is simply 1 can of tuna mixed with greek yogurt, a small dollop of mustard & a cut up dill pickle! The one can makes about two of these burritos for me. 


I made these amazingly delicious chimichangas with fresh squash & onions on the side for dinner one night!


Here's the how to on the chimichangas!


You need:

3 Small Chicken Breasts

8 oz Cream Cheese

1/2 Packet of Taco Seasoning (I use low sodium, but to each their own)
1 Package of Spinach & Herb Wraps (wheat wraps would work well also!)


I cut the chicken up into small pieces & cooked it in the skillet until done. Cream cheese was brought to room temperature. I mixed the cooked chicken, cream cheese & taco seasoning & then placed it in my wraps. I folded the wrap up, placed then on a coconut oil'd pan, put a light covering of coconut oil on top of them & cooked them at 350 for 10 minutes.


The squash and onion was simply skillet sautéed with some Worcestershire sauce!


They were a hit with everyone, even my husband who tends to be my picky eater! 



The shots above were from a girls trip to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge in Lawton! It's about a 2.5 hour drive for us. Jacqi and I are both photographers so we decided to make a fun day of it. We got dressed up and did our own headshots - as photographers, these come in handy business wise, but also as we're both on the same weight loss/health journey it really was nice to just get pretty and have those photos to make ourselves feel good about ourselves. After our headshots we ran around the refuge exploring, I don't even have a clue how many miles we put in that day. I do know that it was less than what we wanted though since it was SO hot, like in the 100's! That evening we had a session set up with some beautiful models at the parallel forest and Mt Scott, which went AMAZING. Being out in that world was just, nice. No cell service, just our hydration packs and nature...and those western diamond back snakes we ran into...ha!


 Let's talk food again; here are a couple more meals I had during this month (I'll work harder next month on tracking food and recipes for you guys!) The first one is simply a Portobello mushroom with 3 eggs, topped with shredded Parmesan and valentina hot sauce. This was perfect meal for a quick lunch. For a dinner, I did ranch venison tacos! 


I simply added 1/2 packet of ranch seasoning and 1/2 packet of taco seasoning to my meat (would be tasty with some ground turkey or chicken also!) and then added mushroom & bell pepper (normally I would also had have onions & avocado in there, but it wasn't payday yet haha!)


SO now that you have made it this far - and I'm sure you're bored out of your mind with my accomplishments this month, lets get real and talk about the harder side of it. We had Father's Day this month, which means I had two dinners out with each side of my family - I ate horrible, I over ate, didn't make good choices. The weekend after that I had not one, not two...but THREE birthday parties! One for my daughter which consisted of me making sweet treats for them, that I munched on while making. One for my dad which I made a cake for, where I ate extra icing that was left over and some cake..PLUS I ate cake at all three of the birthday parties - now, I only had a full piece at my daughters, the other two I just had one or two bites, but still. On top of that I ate hotdogs & buns numerous times at two of the parties and we ate out at the other. Now, I really have no excuse for all this. I could have made MUCH better choices. I let stress (from the party and some personal issues and finances) as well as my period straight take over me. I ate whenever I thought I was hungry, even if I wasn't actually hungry. I didn't fight cravings or try to find healthier versions. I just ate. Unfortunately because of that my weight has gone back up to around 284 as of this morning. So, I'm going to have a good bit of work to do to get myself back on track. It's not always easy. But we're human. Falling backwards is a part of life no matter what journey you are on, what makes you better than the rest is getting back on that horse and continuing to push through the bad times. So here's to pushing and doing better next month!


I don't feel like much progress has been made, so I haven't even taken my monthly dress photo yet - I will take it, however it won't be in posted in this blog. I might share on my new page, Work it Off, A Lifestyle Change, be sure to click that link and follow for daily posts!


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