Empower; A Beautiful Birth

July 26, 2017

Since I am a woman, I'm sure you're expecting this blog post to be strictly about another woman, especially since it's about a birth as well. However, that's not 100% the case this time. We all know that during a birth women are pushed beyond their strongest strength; they go farther than they ever though they could, and when they reach that point, they go even further. This post however is going to focus on another aspect of empowerment, one that is very often missed. 


Births are so solely focused on the mama and baby, that we often forget to admire the men beside those powerful women.



"He's my person. My true love."


"I met Richie when I was around 20 years old, I'm now 29. I have always liked him, but life got in the way and we never had much of a relationship. I would always randomly thin of him and wonder how things were going for him, and then randomly, 3 years ago he pops back up into my life. We started talking and here we are now! We're married with two beautiful daughters!" says Ashley, "Richie is just such a great person. He's a giver, a lover, a family man, a hard worker and a provider. He is a wonderful husband and the best daddy."


Richie told me about his version of their life, "It's kind of a Beauty and the Beast type of story. When I wasn't doing the best she saw me as wonderful. Years later we found each other gain; we were both hungry for life and filled with trust and dreams. She has made all of mine come true, and I trust no one more than this lady."


"I felt needed, I loved sharing this moment in life with her. It was our dream to have Raegan and being there was Godly, knowing that every push and pain she had, she was giving me and our baby her all."



"Richie has been amazing during both of our births. He is such a great coach during the whole process. He is the voice I can hear even when I can't hear anyone else. He can make me feel beautiful in any situation. He's always there holding my hand and telling me I can make it through! I truly believe without him there I would never make it through these labors! He's seen me at my most vulnerable and still loves me." 


Richie and Ashley had arrived at the hospital early that morning to begin being induced. I arrived around 3:30 pm or so, and Ashley hadn't progressed very far. It had already been a long day, and she had been sitting around 4 cm dilated for several, several hours.


The very first thing I noticed about their relationship was how involved Richie is. I've been to a numerous amount of births, and most men are about the same - they are there for their women, but not always to the extent of how empowering Richie was to Ashley. 


I was with them at the hospital for 8+ hours and can count on one hand how many times Richie wasn't by Ashley's side. 


As Ashley began to labor, Richie's voice was calm and soothing; he talked her through her contractions, he coached her and constantly reminded her how amazing she was, how she CAN do this, how strong she was. Counting through the pushes with her, 1..2...3..4...etc. 


When Ashley truly started feeling the labor come over her; she began growing weak and unsure of herself, Richie was on top of it. He never once gave up on her, you could tell in his eyes that this woman was the epitome of his life. 


To me, Richie was the exact definition of empowerment. 


Please enjoy scrolling down further to view some shots from their beautiful birth. 






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