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July 31, 2017

 About halfway through this month the photo on the left popped up in my news feed, so I had to compare it to to the head shots I did last month! While I still have so much to work on - I can tell that I've changed so much also.


I started a new routine this month; I've been stalling out lately and just not changing much, no I figured change was necessary, walking just wasn't cutting it anymore. So I got my workout partner and we decided to start hitting the gym at 5 am. Shew! 



I did a couple meals this month that I hadn't shared with you guys. One was chicken pizza quesadillas! SUPER easy! I used wheat tortillas, simply nature organic marinara sauce and chicken! I cut the chicken and cooked it up in a skillet, laid my tortilla on a pan topped it with the marinara chicken and cheese then baked flat until the cheese was melted. Took them out, flipped the tortilla in half and bam! Super tasty! 


I hit a low of 277 lbs - now I haven't STAYED that low, I'm struggling with staying under 280 lbs right now, and it's killing me! I did hit my fastest mile on the treadmill though! 15:29 minutes! 


I also hit my biggest struggle yet. We took a trip to White Water Bay this month with my husbands family. Most of these rides have a 250 lb limit; I'm not too far over 250 so we thought I would be fine..until we got to the top and they had a scale. So back down the stairs I went in the biggest walk of shame ever. I kept it together for the most part, until I got more out of the crowd. But I lost it. I felt just so horrible. I've worked so hard to change my life and it just wasn't good enough for that day. I was still the chick that was too fat to ride the rides. I went to the bathroom and lost it, I cried and cried. I cried until I got sick, threw up, and cried some more. Now, I don't tell you this because I want sympathy. I tell you because I want you to  know you aren't alone in these down times. They suck. Being overweight sucks. I'm hoping to take this feeling and use it to crush these 30 lbs and get under that 250. I doubt I will hit in time to go to White Water this year, but next year I WILL be able to go ride those rides.



I really have to give a big shout out to my friend Jacqi. Without her, I would not be up at 5 am going to the gym. I would still just be walking in the evenings. She's got me pushing harder than I was before.











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