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I would love to say that this is a quick little about me, but I honestly talk to much and overshare sometimes, so here we go.


I wear many titles in this life - a mom, a girlfriend, an ex-wife, a mentor, a photographer, and more.


First and foremost, I am a mom - you hear it all the time, 'you should be more than just a mom in life." But I honestly have wanted nothing more than to be a mom since I was young. Being a mom is my biggest achievement. 


I have two little turds. They are stubborn, they push me to my limits, they're ornery - but I couldn't imagine anything better than them. They make me a #hotmessexpresss 99.9% of the time, but I wouldn't change a single thing. We do dance, we do football, we do adventures and random rolling in mud puddles, we like spontaneous day trips and hiking. They keep me alive and going.

​I enjoy many, many hobbies such as buying things for diy projects that I'll never do, hunting, fishing, exploring, hiking, traveling and reading. 

I really enjoy finding new places to explore, and hole in the wall restaurants to try out. 

The real confusion to most of my followers comes along, with the fact that I'm a financially single mom of two, but I have my village. I do have a boyfriend, I do co-parent well with my ex-husband. You will see all of us doing things all the time, whether it's showing up for sporting events, family dinners, etc. The kids always come first.


My family is blended - I have an amazing partner, who blessed my world with a bonus kiddo. Unfortunately, my bonus is a big kid now and lives on his own in another state, so we don't get to see him as much.

My partner if currently Army, and while we met in Oklahoma, he was stationed to Kentucky about a year after our relationship started. He will finish out his final time in the Army there to hit his 20 years, and will be back home in May of 2024. Then the next chapter of our lives will start.


I run a photography business, and have for 13+ years. I specialize in boudoir and portraits, however boudoir tends to be the genre that brings me the most joy. Being able to show women their true beauty is something that has never once gotten old.

I also build on social media, I utilize my platform to share my health journey, things that work for me as well as sharing my experiences through photography and healing.

This is me, this is my journey - this is my life. <3

Welcome to the shit show, glad to have you.

With love, Lesley Vivienne.

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